Celine Wachsmuth

Class of 2022


Céline Wachsmuth earned a BA in Classical archaeology with minors in ancient Greek and studio art from DePauw University in 2016. Her interest in the material culture of ancient civilizations led her to seek a brief volunteer position with a conservator at the Athenian Agora in 2014. Captivated by the work, she gained a spot as an intern with the Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology conservation department in 2015. Over the course of two years, she achieved a strong foundation in conservation treatment and documentation techniques. She further developed these skills through projects with the objects conservation department at the Cleveland Museum of Art and with private conservators in the Seattle area. Céline's experience has allowed her opportunities to treat a variety of objects ranging from a painted Egyptian limestone tomb chapel and a porcupine quill box, to outdoor sculpture made in forton (an artificial casting material). She has participated in research for the Ancient Panel Paintings: Examination, Analysis, and Research Project at the Getty Museum, where she executed a number of multiband imaging techniques. Through online blog posts and staffing the Artifact Laboratory, a public facing conservation space, Céline has worked to engage the community at large on issues of conservation and stewardship. As a member of the Education and Training Committee of the American Institute for Conservation, she is excited to engage with the professional community while beginning her studies with UCLA/Getty MA Program in the Conservation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Materials.