Students will be accepted for matriculation by the UCLA/Getty Master’s Program in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage on alternate, even years (2022, 2024, 2026). The next application deadline is December 15, 2023. Applications should be submitted online through UCLA Graduate Division. The requirements for admission are outlined on this page. For information on financial aid, fees, and other topics of interest to potential students, please read UCLA’s Graduate Division page for Prospective Students. International students should also read the Requirements for International Applicants. Individuals interested in applying are welcome to contact the program for additional information. The following is required and must be completed or submitted before your application can be reviewed:


Undergraduate Degree

For admission to the program a BA or BS degree is required. Degree majors in the following areas of study are preferred: archaeology, anthropology, art history, cultural history, the sciences, or fields related to the study of past societies. Applicants, including those with degrees in other disciplines, may need to take a number of university courses in anthropology and/or science in order to meet admissions requirements.

Course Prerequisites

  • A minimum of one academic year (2 semesters or 3 quarters) of study is required in each of the following areas:
  • Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, or Ethnography
  • Art History (studies in archaeological or cultural materials and/or traditions preferred)
  • General Chemistry (with lab): Distance learning lab experience was accepted for Fall 2021 applications due to restrictions related to COVID-19.
  • Organic Chemistry (with lab): Distance learning lab experience was accepted for Fall 2021 applications due to restrictions related to COVID-19.
  • One other Science (i.e., Physical Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Physics, etc.) is preferred, but is not essential to be considered for admission.


Practical experience under the direction of a professional conservator is encouraged prior to application to the program. This experience will ensure the applicant’s familiarity with the field in choosing it as a career. We realize that not all students will be able to obtain conservation experience prior to application. For applicants who have not worked with conservators, we recommend arranging a meeting with a conservator to learn about the field. Experience in related fields such as collections management, archaeology, anthropology, chemistry, materials science, and artifact fabrication are also accepted and will strengthen the application. Other ideas for building experience are listed in the two documents below. We encourage museums and other cultural heritage organizations to pay their interns.

Application for Graduate Admission

Please visit Graduate Division to apply online. Note: In response to the question, “Name of Department or School which offers the program” indicate “Conservation of Cultural Heritage.”

Statement of Purpose

Each applicant is required to submit a Statement of Purpose that describes his or her previous experience in conservation and related fields, along with a description of professional goals. It should also include text on why the UCLA/Getty Conservation Program is a good fit for these goals and aspirations. Strong statements will also demonstrate a record of work within the Program’s core values of collaboration, sustainability, and diversity, equity, & inclusion.

Curriculum Vitae

A curriculum vitae must be submitted.

Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation must be submitted by each applicant. If possible, one letter should be from a professional conservator. The letters should attest to the applicants skills and knowledge that are relevant to conservation research and practice.

Writing Sample

Each applicant is required to supply a written sample of previous research in archaeology, anthropology, art history, conservation, the sciences, or related fields. This may be in the form of one or more publications, papers for college courses, conservation reports, etc.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Report

Results from the GRE examination are not required by the program.

Official Transcripts

Transcripts for all university work must be submitted with the application for admission.

TOEFL Scores (international applicants only)

Applicants for whom English is not the first language are required to submit TOEFL scores.


Each applicant is required to submit a portfolio that demonstrates an understanding of the characteristics of materials and dexterity in their handling, fabrication, and preservation. The portfolio may include samples of conservation treatment reports, representational drawing, photography, and/or scientific illustration. These samples should demonstrate the use of drawing and photography for documentation purposes. The portfolio may also include samples of other related work. Samples of studio arts and crafts such as painting, ceramics, sculpture, weaving, papermaking, woodworking, basketry, etc., may also be included. Evaluation of the portfolio will consider the applicant’s familiarity with materials and their handling, technical aptitude, and clarity of presentation.


Those applicants who reach the final stages of evaluation will be interviewed in person as part of the admissions evaluation process.