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Conservation & Revitalisation of Rajbagh Silk Factory, Srinagar, India – Connecting Memory & Material Culture Towards Building a Future.

Gurmeet S Rai Ms. Director, CRCI (India) Pvt Ltd Register here The Rajbagh Silk factory is a strand of the cultural legacy of Kashmir. Silk from Kashmir finds references in ancient, medieval and modern period narratives. In the 19th-20thC the bivoltine silk and crafts such as pashmina shawls from the valley were much in demand […]

Buddhist Wall Paintings in Ladakh – Painting Technique, Conservation and Ethical Considerations

Sreekumar Menon Paintings Conservator, (Partner) Art Conservation Solutions Register here Wall paintings in Ladakh, the earliest specimens of which date from the eleventh century, mirror the development of Buddhism and Buddhist Art in the region.The materials and technique of these paintings,and their iconographic schemes, are complex and have transformed overtime. Many of these paintings have undergone damages due to various intrinsic and or extrinsic factors. Their conservation is […]

Embodied Knowledges within Cultural Collections

Sven Haakanson Ph.D., Curator, Burke Museum Associate Professor in Anthropology at the University of Washington Register here Over the past three decades, in collaboration with my community from Kodiak, Alaska, I have researched museum collections from around the world to learn about and return the embodied knowledge of our cultural history. From masks, clothing, baskets to boats we have systematically taken knowledge that […]

Regional Distinctions of Traditional Palestinian Embroidered Dress, 1850-1948

Wafa Ghnaim Register here Embroidery in the Holy Land has existed for centuries, showcased in the decorated garments created andworn by Palestinian women for generations, as well as documented by the many international visitors who travelled to Palestine for pilgrimage or tourism. By the mid-nineteenth century, each region of historic Palestine had developed their own distinct […]

Preserving the Wreck of an Intact 17th-century warship – the Challenging and Rewarding Conservation Work at the Vasa Museum

Malin Sahlstedt Conservator, Vasa Museum, Swedish National Maritime and Transport Museums Register here Since the raising of 17th-century warship Vasa in 1961 after333 years on the seabed of Stockholm harbour, two generations of preservation staff have had the task to safeguard this mighty piece of maritime cultural heritage for the future, a task perhaps as monumental […]

Conservation and Restoration Approaches at the Musical Instrument Museum

Rodrigo Correa-Salas Conservator Register here The structure, materials and acoustic properties of musical instruments are diverse and delicate. These characteristics will determine whether the instrument can be played (on special occasions) or just be displayed in the gallery. The basic knowledge of the different materials (and their combinations) with which they were built, how they were made, how they were played and on what occasions […]

Teatime, What Every Conservator Needs to Know About the Complexity of Asian Lacquer?

Marianne Webb Webb Conservation Services Register here Asian lacquer is one of those materials that most furniture and object conservators encounter occasionally during their career. Unfortunately, conservation efforts can go dramatically wrong when a sensitive lacquer surface is treated inappropriately. A lustrous black surface can instantaneously turn to a milky brown color. During the active history of an Asian lacquer […]

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