Moupi Mukhopadhyay


Moupi Mukhopadhyay is from India. Upon obtaining a BE in Mechanical Engineering from M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, she proceeded to earn an MS in Materials Science and Engineering at UCLA. During this time, she joined the Archaeomaterials group and developed an interest in the analytical methods used in the conservation of archaeological and ethnographic materials.

Frequently attending the weekly Pizza Talks in the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology further deepened her appreciation for fields related to archaeology and conservation. Combined with a long-standing interest in Asian art and religion, this led her to pursue an MA in Buddhist Art History and Conservation at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London. Volunteering at the archaeological conservation service Ancient Materials, Technology and Conservation Co-operative, based in Sittingbourne, Kent, helped her gain experience in the analysis of archaeological materials, on-site preventative conservation measures and conservation management, as well as public engagement through workshops on ancient wall paintings for children. In both her master’s theses Moupi focused on investigating the photophysical and chemical properties of organic pigments and she is interested in applying scientific techniques towards understanding the nature of heritage materials to inform conservation practice better. Through her research at UCLA, she aims to develop a better understanding of the materials and technology of the creation of South Indian wall paintings.