Jennifer McGough

Class of 2022


Jennifer McGough earned her BA in archaeology, with minors in anthropology and the history of art, from Cornell University in 2014. In 2015, she pursued and obtained her MSt in archaeology, with a concentration on environmental archaeology, at the University of Oxford. She also completed her Master’s thesis, which compiled existing research on the domestication of cows, fowl, and pigs in China and explored the development of regional domesticity. During her research excavating indigenous sites in upstate New York, Jennifer worked closely with members of the Cayuga Nation. She also received a research scholarship to participate in the excavation of the Neolithic Yangguanzhai settlement near Xi’An, China.


Following her graduate work Jennifer expanded into the field of conservation. She has worked most extensively with the Fowler Museum, where she had the opportunity to treat ethnographic objects, including Guatemalan masks, African water vessels, and Australian bark paintings. She also worked with local Los Angeles conservators on contemporary sculptures and modern art, as well as abroad on Roman pottery and historical Italian manuscripts.


At the Fowler Museum Jennifer developed her skills as a mount-maker and she has fabricated several mounts for large traveling exhibitions such as Striking Iron, an exhibit on African blacksmithing. Her time in Los Angeles has also led her to the position of regional liaison for the Emerging Conservation Professionals Network of the American Institute for Conservation, where she has organized events for and fielded questions from rising professionals in the field. She hopes to continue to help foster the conservation community as she begins her studies with UCLA/Getty MA Program in the Conservation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Materials.