Isabel Schneider

Class of 2022


Isabel Schneider graduated with a BFA in studio art and a minor in film studies from the University of Georgia in 2012. She then moved to New York for two years, where she curated art exhibits, served as the assistant director of an art gallery and helped launch an arts-focused non-profit. In 2014, she began a year-long teaching fellowship in Be‘er Sheva, Israel where she taught English while herself studying Hebrew and Middle-Eastern culture. There she developed a fascination with archaeology and heritage preservation. As she explored careers that would allow her to combine her passions for history, art, science, and community engagement, she continued teaching at an international school in Fez, Morocco, and learning about North African traditional arts.


In 2016, Isabel returned to Israel to study with the International Conservation Center, gaining hands-on experience in conservation and archaeology on field assignments throughout the country. Following this, she was in intern at fine arts conservation department of the Israel Antiquities Authority for several months, primarily treating ancient mosaics and coordinating youth engagement opportunities, and worked for a private wall painting restoration company.


For the last three years, Isabel has been employed at the William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum as both a development coordinator and the project manager for an online exhibition related to the Holocaust. She is interested in exploring comprehensive approaches to conservation that examine not only the treatment of the objects, but also the community outreach vital to making heritage accessible and appreciated.