Austin Anderson

Class of 2020


Austin Anderson received his B.A. in Anthropology from the University of San Diego in 2015. Before graduating he volunteered at the archaeological excavation of Bethsaida in Northern Israel, where he was first introduced to some of the conservation practices involved in an excavation. The summer after graduating he attended a pre-program internship at the Texas A&M Conservation Research Laboratory, where he was formally introduced to the conservation field. His work while at Texas A&M University centered mostly around treating both organic and inorganic artifacts from underwater sites. He later returned to San Diego, where he gained experience in collections management through an internship at the San Diego Archaeological Center. There he helped to organize and revitalize collections, most of which came from prehistoric and historic sites from within San Diego County. Looking to expand his experience in conservation, Austin attended the San Gemini Preservation Studies Program in Italy, where he studied book and paper conservation. As he prepares for his graduate work at the UCLA/Getty Conservation Program, Austin is eager to develop a well-rounded education in conservation, while gaining a better understanding of organic materials. He also has an interest in researching various new methods of conservation treatment.


Jeffrey P. Cunard Graduate Fellow