Program Information

Relationship Between the Master's and Doctorate Programs

The Conservation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Materials (CAEM) M.A. degree program, is a practice- focused degree, rich in scientific content, scholarly approach and research methodology. Students apply directly to the CAEM M.A. Degree Program.  The practice-focused CAEM M.A. Program should not be confused with the research-focused Conservation of Material Culture (CMC) M.S./Ph.D. Program should not be confused with the practice-focused also offered by the Conservation IDP that trains professional conservators.

The two degrees share a scholarly approach to the discipline and strong commitment to the advancement of the conservation profession. In terms of curriculum, they will share 24 units of core coursework providing fundamental knowledge in the structure, properties deterioration and conservation of material culture, as well as, documentation methods and ethics and sets a common basis of understanding of the field and its developments for entering students from various backgrounds. The CAEM M.A. degree however, requires an additional 32 units of conservation laboratory courses, a short practice application-oriented or research-based M.A. paper and an eleventh month internship (most commonly in a conservation department of a museum) enabling students to develop integrative and intense practice experiences and informed treatment skills, preparing them for professional conservation careers. The research design course, electives (subset research area courses), mentored-research experience and doctoral dissertation required in the CMC Ph.D. option on the other hand, builds research methodology skills, critical thinking, knowledge-generating research, entrepreneurial and leadership competencies.

Because research and practice-focused are typically different, they can coexist in one academic unit, the Conservation IDP, providing distinctive competencies and preparing students for different careers in the cultural heritage sector and beyond.