PhD Program-Conservation of Material Culture (CMC)

The PhD program in the Conservation of Material Culture (CMC) focuses on original research, global exchange, strong leadership, public engagement and a strong understanding of the main research subject. The program’s framework of knowledge and skills development is structured into one major area of study – the Conservation of Materials Culture – enhanced by cross-disciplinary research.  

The program is structured around multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research areas organized along four core training and research categories: “materials”; “technology”, “environment” and “traditional ecological knowledge” (TEK).  These categories work synergistically towards advancing the main research subject and offer opportunities for developing in depth knowledge in the Conservation of Materials Culture in a particular cross-disciplinary field.

Students in the CMC PhD program can focus on the following research areas:

  • Conservation & Material Culture Science
  • Preventive Conservation & Care of Collection
  • Cultural Property Forensics
  • Advanced Multidimensional Documentation
  • Biocultural Heritage Conservation
  • Emergency Planning and Managing Disaster Risks of World Cultural Heritage
  • Conservation Philosophy & Ethics

Additional ad hoc research topics in emerging areas of research related to conservation that will enrich the innovative and cross-disciplinary curriculum proposed may also be considered.